Guernsey to vend Post & Go stamps at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre

Guernsey Stamps is delighted to announce that its Post & Go desktop unit (DKU) GG03 will make a welcome return to Guernsey Information Centre in St Peter Port from 21 April, where it will vend stamps with special overprints for cruise ship tourists and collectors.

The DKU unit will vend the bureau’s latest pictorial Post & Go stamps showcasing local ‘Guernsey Cuisine’, with a unique location identifier “Guernsey Information Centre”. The overprint will be as follows:
G.I.C. 2022
Bianvnu à Guernesi

Working in partnership with Visit Guernsey, an overprint message on the stamps will welcome cruise ship passengers to Guernsey’s shores, which will be updated each time a ship arrives into port. The first cruise overprint will vend on 23 April to mark the arrival of the ‘Spirit of Adventure’.

Guernsey Post’s head of philatelic, Bridget Yabsley said: – “We are delighted that our DKU machine will take up residence once again at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre after the absence of tourists over the past two years. The special cruise ship stamps were very popular with visiting tourists and a lovely keepsake of their visit to our beautiful island. We are confident that our latest pictorial Post & Go issue ‘Guernsey Cuisine’ will also be a big hit with our collectors.”

Kiosk Availability

Following an engineer visit, Kiosks A003 (NMRM – Portsmouth) & A007 (Explosion Museum) are still awaiting Pin Pad upgrades and are not available at the present time.

Worldpay our payment provider, had proposed a temporary fix which we hoped to install in time for Falklands overprint, but the install was unsuccessful.

We apologise for the short notice of this message.

Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes

The Postal Museum is set to mark the opening of the new temporary exhibition Sorting Britain: The Power of Postcodes with Post & Go stamps. The new “Sorting Britain” overprint will appear on the first-class Machin stamps and the Union Flag stamps from 30 March 2022.

In addition to Post & Go stamps, there will be a range of products available such as a First Day Cover. This limited edition of 200 First Day Covers will feature two first-class stamps each – one Machin and one Union Flag design with the ‘’Sorting Britain” overprint. They will be cancelled with the official handstamp for The Postal Museum and are individually numbered.

Available for purchase is also a limited number of 150 Presentation Packs which will contain a collectors strip of Union Flag stamps and the first-class strip of 1st Class Machins with the ‘’Sorting Britain” overprint enclosed in a fold-out card with information about the exhibition.

The overprint on stamps, Presentation Packs and First Day Covers will be available on site and online at from 30 March to 1 January 2023.

Two Post & Go machines are available at The Postal Museum throughout the museum’s opening hours.

Falklands 40th Anniversary – Fri 1st April 2022 – Fri 29th April 2022

Commemorating 40 years since the start of the Falklands War in April 1982 – the 74-day clash found Argentina and the United Kingdom battling for control of the Falkland Islands. The Falklands conflict was predominately a naval campaign, involving a task force which ultimately amounted to 127 ships, consisting of 43 Royal Navy vessels, 22 from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and 62 merchant ships. The overprint will be available from Fri 1st April 2022 – Fri 29th April 2022on NMRN kiosks A002, A004, A006 and A007.

‘The Fleet Air Arm kiosk A003 will also be commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Falklands War. Dates to match those of the Royal Navy Kiosks’.