Guernsey will celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with an overprint on Post & Go Flag stamps

Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau is delighted to announce that it will release a limited-edition Post & Go product in celebration of The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service, Her Majesty having acceded to the throne on 6th February 1952.

The Post & Go Guernsey flag stamp designs will vend on Guernsey’s Post & Go GG02 kiosk from Fri 3rd June 2022 – Fri 1st July 2022 and will bear the following overprint: –

The Queen’s
Platinum Jubilee

Guernsey Post’s head of philatelic, Bridget Yabsley said: – “In addition to our commemorative Platinum Jubilee stamps we are delighted to join the celebrations in June with a Post and Go Jubilee overprint on our Guernsey Flag design. Since Royal Mail is providing an overprint on their Machin reel, collectors have an opportunity to purchase similar Jubilee overprints from a different region.”

Guernsey to vend Post & Go stamps at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre

Guernsey Stamps is delighted to announce that its Post & Go desktop unit (DKU) GG03 will make a welcome return to Guernsey Information Centre in St Peter Port from 21 April, where it will vend stamps with special overprints for cruise ship tourists and collectors.

The DKU unit will vend the bureau’s latest pictorial Post & Go stamps showcasing local ‘Guernsey Cuisine’, with a unique location identifier “Guernsey Information Centre”. The overprint will be as follows:
G.I.C. 2022
Bianvnu à Guernesi

Working in partnership with Visit Guernsey, an overprint message on the stamps will welcome cruise ship passengers to Guernsey’s shores, which will be updated each time a ship arrives into port. The first cruise overprint will vend on 23 April to mark the arrival of the ‘Spirit of Adventure’.

Guernsey Post’s head of philatelic, Bridget Yabsley said: – “We are delighted that our DKU machine will take up residence once again at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre after the absence of tourists over the past two years. The special cruise ship stamps were very popular with visiting tourists and a lovely keepsake of their visit to our beautiful island. We are confident that our latest pictorial Post & Go issue ‘Guernsey Cuisine’ will also be a big hit with our collectors.”

Post & Go Stamps Depict Guernsey Cuisine

Guernsey Post’s philatelic bureau announces the release of its latest Post & Go set, which celebrate the island’s delicious cuisine by depicting a selection of local recipes or popular local dishes on the six stamps (issue date: 19 February 2022).

The stamps: –

GY Letter – Guernsey Bean Jar has been part of island life for centuries. Traditionally this hearty one-pot dish made in an earthenware jar with beef shin, pig’s trotters, onion, carrots, haricot beans, butter beans and bay leaves would have been eaten for breakfast. Today, it is often a tasty winter meal, and is enjoyed on Bonfire Night.

GY Large Letter – Guernsey Gâche (pronounced Gosh) is one of Guernsey’s definitive specialties made with raisins, sultanas, and mixed peel. In Guernésiais, gâche means cake, however this is more like a sweet fruit bread. It is a popular tea-time treat served with a thick spread of butter or toasted.

UK Letter – Guernsey Biscuit is actually a savoury crusty roll with a soft, fluffy centre, which is perfect for filling with local delicacies including seafood, meats or cheese.

UK Large Letter – Local Lobster and Shrimp. Guernsey has an abundance of fresh seafood, which are often served up in seafood platters at Guernsey’s numerous restaurants and bistros.
EURO Letter – Guernsey Gâche Melee (pronounced Gosh Mel–are) is a traditional Guernsey apple-based dessert. It can be eaten hot or cold, usually with a dollop of Guernsey cream or custard. In Guernésiais, gâche mélée translates as ‘cake mix’.

ROW Letter – Local Chancre Crab, also known as Brown Crab, is at its best in the spring and autumn. The white meat from the claws and legs is often served in sandwiches or with salad and is a great addition to linguine or ravioli whilst the richer, brown meat inside the shell can be used as pȃté.

The Guernsey Ormer is depicted on the presentation pack cover and is a real gastronomic treat. This shellfish is a variety of abalone, which looks like a small sea snail, and is harvested at low spring tides. They have been collected on the island for centuries but there are strict rules about when and where you can hunt for them, so they are only available in season and are much sought after.

Bridget Yabsley, head of philatelic at Guernsey Post said: – “Our Post and Go stamps remain a popular part of our philatelic programme, and we are particularly delighted to be able to showcase Guernsey’s wealth of natural ingredients from both its land and surrounding seas on this latest set.”

The stamps and related products are available to pre-order from 5 February 2022 by visiting or contacting the bureau on +44 (0) 1481 716486.

Guernsey Post & Go to Send Festive Message

Guernsey Stamps announces that two designs of its Post & Go stamps will send out a seasonal message during December.

From 1-24 December 2021, the GG02 and GG03 series kiosks, located at the main Post Office at Envoy House, La Vrangue, St Peter Port, will vend the Bailiwick airplanes Post & Go stamps, whilst the GG05 series unit, based at the Market Post Office will vend stamps bearing the Guernsey flag design. Both sets will display the overprint message Season’s Greetings 2021.

Priced at £5.28 each of the Post & Go stamp strips will comprise the following values: –

Gsy letter up to 100g
UK letter up to 100g
Gsy large letter up to 100g
EUR letter up to 20g
ROW letter up to 20g
UK large letter up to 100g