RAF overprint for Guernsey’s Post & Go at Stampex

Guernsey Post announces that it will vend Post & Go stamps to celebrate the centenary of the Royal Air Force at the autumn edition of Stampex.

The overprint on the Guernsey flag stamps, which will vend from the GG01 series exhibition kiosk, will read:

100 Years
Royal Air Force

Also available at Stampex, which takes place from 12-15 September at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London, UK, is the bureau’s popular Bailiwick Flowers stamps, which will print on the second reel of the GG01 Guernsey kiosk without an overprint.

Following Stampex, the Post & Go RAF overprint back office strips will be available to purchase from the bureau. These strips will carry the new series code GGO4 in place of the ‘B’ code and can be obtained by visiting www.guernseystamps.com or contacting philatelic customer services on +44 (0) 1481 716486.

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Stuart Leigh Checklist Updated

Checklist Updated

From: Stuart

Hi All

I have just up-dated the Post & Go Check List to include Autumn Stampex and the first of the Political Conferences, plus all the information you have sent in.  I will try and get another up-date before the end of the year.

As usual I look forward to receiving any corrections, additions and news


Stuart Leigh

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Military Museum Access on 16th

Military Museum Kiosk availability has now been confirmed by Bryan Davies of the NMRN who has kindly arranged the following for the 16th November.

NMRN I understand the kiosk will be available?

This will be available as the shop is open all day

RMM I understand the RMM will be open for a stocktake and the kiosk will be available?

This will be available as stock taking is taking place in the retail area

RNSM I understand the kiosk will be available?

I will be at Subs museum – as previously stated our water bus will not be operating so customers will have to drive to the museum

FAAM I understand the kiosk will be available?

The museum will be closed but access will be available through the security gate that is manned all day