Gibraltar Post at 89th Scottish Congress

 Gibraltar Post & Go at the 89th Scottish Congress:

The GI01 kiosk will be attending the 89th Scottish Congress in Perth. The Royal Gibraltar Post Office will be taking this opportunity to release a new “CCPA” (Conference of Commonwealth Postal Administrations) stamp as well as vending the current “Year of the Dog” issue with an overprint which will read “89th Scottish Congress 2018” .

CCPA is an association of the Commonwealth’s Post Offices and its primary aim is to enhance the quality, the range and the accessibility of Postal Services within the Commonwealth through the free sharing, amongst its membership, of expertise and industry best practice. In October 2017, the CEO of the Royal Gibraltar Post Office was elected Chairman of the CCPA, receiving 60% of the votes. This new stamp commemorates Gibraltar’s achievement this year in representing 65 different postal administrations worldwide.