Guernsey to vend Post & Go stamps at Guernsey’s Tourist Information Centre

Guernsey Stamps is delighted to announce that its Post & Go desktop unit (DKU) GG03 will return to Guernsey Information Centre (G.I.C.) in St Peter Port from 1 April, where it will vend stamps with special overprints for cruise ship tourists, visitors and collectors.

The DKU unit will vend the bureau’s latest pictorial Post & Go stamps celebrating the 50th anniversary of the formation of Guernsey Old Car Club (GOCC). In support of the *UPU and UNESCO initiative the overprint ‘Welcome to Guernsey’ will be in Guernsey French with a location identifier.
G.I.C. 2019
Bianvnu à Guernesi

Also working in partnership with Visit Guernsey, an overprint message on the stamps will welcome cruise ship passengers to Guernsey’s shores, which will be updated each time a ship arrives into port. The first strips will vend on 4 April to mark the arrival of the Britannia – the overprint for this visit will read Bianvnu à Britannia