“Voices from the Deep” Post & Go overprint at The Postal Museum

From the Postal Museum:

“Voices from the Deep” Post & Go overprint at The Postal Museum

 LONDON, 28 February 2018 – The Postal Museum has announced today that its new temporary exhibition – Voices from the Deep – will be marked by an overprint on the Royal Mail Heritage transport Post & Go stamps featuring Mail by Sea. This will be available from 29 March 2018 until September (exact date TBC) from The Postal Museum’s Post & Go machine.

The overprint will read ‘Voices from the Deep/ The Postal Museum’ (for technical reasons Voices from the Deep will appear above The Postal Museum rather than beneath) and appear on all six 1st class Mail by Sea designs. The Mail by Sea designs without overprint will no longer be available.

The overprint is released on the same day The Postal Museum’s new temporary exhibition ‘Voices from the Deep’ opens. The exhibition will display a selection of more than 700 personal letters that have been trapped at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean for more than three quarters of a century, miraculously preserved in an airlock that formed as steam boat, the SS Gairsoppa, sank as well as objects from its cargo.

You can find out more about the exhibition by visiting:

Voices from the Deep

Philatelic products will not be available for this issue. A range of non-philatelic products inspired by the exhibition will be available to purchase from The Postal Museum on-site shop.

The Post & Go machine is available at The Postal Museum during normal opening hours. Please see www.postalmuseum.org for more information.